hello it's me, cara lefebvre


Raised and residing in Kansas City, I went to school at the Kansas City Art Institute where I focused on both writing and photography. Photography, for me, is the visual art of documentation and story-telling. Its perfection lies in its action and fluency, mystery, education and insight. As both a writer and photographer, I usually find that they complete each other. Where one lacks the other compensates. My all-time favorite photographer has always been Henri Cartier-Bresson. If you look at his work you can tell he had to be a photographer. He once said, "the photograph takes you - one does not take the photograph." That is apparent in his work, and I strive for that level of excellence in my own. The perfection I strive for in portraiture is emotional perfection. I ask myself: Is this portrait honest? Is it passionate and intriguing? Above all - does this portrait exude a sense of personal freedom?


I love digging through old photos from my family's past and trying to understand who they were. When I take a portrait, I want generations down the line to actually see you and relate to you on a profound level. You are the person they were named after, and whose great stories are told years later.