This is a family shoot that was gifted to a newly single dad and his kids. They have such an inseparable, special bond between the three of them - they chased each other around, took their shoes off and danced, lounged and chatted in a rose garden, dad practiced braiding his daughter's hair, and they ended the afternoon by singing "Blackbird" in a cuddle pile. 


This is a family I've had the pleasure of documenting for the last four years, since their daughter was 6mo. old. When she was born, they started working on the land behind their home, making it a place of discovery for her. In the 6mo. shoot, we carried her through that land and introduced her to different textures and light. For her one year shoot, we had a black and white studio session. Struggling to keep her wild spirit contained, I dug through some props and found some tulle rings I'd picked up at a thrift store - her dad dropped them around her and she instantly became engaged, creating some of my favorite images ever. For the years following, both her cat and I have followed her around as she explored, played, and engaged with her environment. I never tell her what to do or what to wear, making sure these images feel like a time capsule she can look through as she's older.

This is a wedding for a couple who live in Hawaii. I spent a few days shooting activities casually leading up to the wedding day, so you'll see beach days, their garden and cats, flowers picked for lei-making, and house guests. I set up a photobooth against a wall that the bride had curated - she had planted clippings from plants she collected throughout the year, hoping the wall would feel abundant come the wedding day (it did!)

Here is a family vacation I was invited on where I spent the weekend documenting daily connection - playing on the beach, grilling dinner, hanging out, bedtime stories, and walks. I love love love doing this kind of thing - some of our best, most intimate memories are made on family vacations and these moments pass, leaving impressions on our hearts and hopefully documented on our iphones, but wouldn't you want to just live unplugged and deeply while someone captures all the details?