• Cara LeFebvre


This month kicks off with a challenge - I've decided to join a couple of other artists in doing a daily ritual of art-making, prompted each day by different words. While most of the October challenges are intended for artists who draw or sketch, I've decided to use my art form, photography. I'll be updating this blog post regularly throughout the month in case you don't follow me on social platforms - and even if you do, I think it'll be nice to have a full collection of images to see. Hopefully I can even see some improvement in my work as I begin to take my camera with me and shoot daily.

This Wednesday I'll be meeting up with a friend from Hawaii to drive into Breckenridge for the week. We'll be doing the challenge together but I won't have my computer with me, so the posts will be delayed.

Day 1: Tulip

Day 2: Smoke

Day 3: Cloud

Day 4: Hand

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